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What are so-called ‘water batteries’?

Answer: Secondary reservoirs that supplement other renewable energy sources. October 17, 2022 • Government Technology News Staff One of solar energy’s biggest drawbacks is that we only get it when the sun is up, unless we have ways to store what we don’t use to tap into when the sun goes down. One way to […]

‘Water batteries’ could store solar and wind power for when it’s needed

Heard on Morning Edition | October 14, 2022 5:00 AM ET The San Diego County Water Authority has an unusual plan to use the city’s scenic San Vicente Reservoir to store solar power so it’s available after sunset. The project, and others like it, could help unlock America’s clean energy future. Perhaps a decade from […]

Water batteries could soon power 130,000 homes in San Diego at night time

The project is called pumped hydro energy storage. Loukia Papadopoulos Created: Oct 14, 2022 08:13 AM EST The San Diego County Water Authority is planning to use its San Vicente Reservoir to store solar power making clean energy in the region viable, according to an article by NPR published on Friday. Powering 130,000 homes The […]

‘Water Batteries’ Could Power 135,000 Homes in San Diego

Pumped storage hydropower could make solar and wind energy available for nighttime use and cloudy days. By  Angely Mercado Published October 17, 2022 The San Diego Water Authority wants to keep the lights on, even when the Sun goes down. It plans to use San Vicente Reservoir to store solar power energy in so-called water […]

Survey Work Planned Near Reservoir

Environmental and geotechnical experts are preparing to do site surveys in the hills surrounding the San Vicente Reservoir near Lakeside to assess how the proposed Energy Storage Facility might be responsibly developed. Data collection for geotechnical and environmental studies is expected to include the use of drones to photograph project-related areas. In addition, helicopters will […]

Pumped storage is having a moment. Will it shift renewables?

By Miranda Willson | 04/15/2022 06:55 AM EDT A massive clean energy project that doesn’t rely on wind or solar could help solve some of California’s electricity challenges — if it can get built. Nine years after first proposing the San Vicente Energy Storage Facility, the city of San Diego and the San Diego County […]

Proposed San Vicente Reservoir hydro facility project aims to meet energy goals

Author: Ariana Cohen Published: 6:05 PM PST February 11, 2022 “The state has an aggressive renewable state goal with 100% by 2045. With clean energy, this project will help in meeting these goals.” SAN DIEGO — The leader of a conservation group opposes the idea of building this facility since it could be built on […]

San Vicente Pumped-Storage Electricity Project Moves Ahead to Environmental Review

By Chris Jennewein – February 2, 2022 The San Diego County Water Authority and city of San Diego have decided to move forward with environmental review of a pumped-storage electricity generating plant at the San Vicente Reservoir in East County. The project entails creating a new, smaller reservoir above the giant city-owned lake, a tunnel between the […]

Partners agree to move ahead on 500 MW San Vicente Energy Storage Facility

By hydroreviewcontentdirectors – 1.31.2022 Partners the City of San Diego and the San Diego County Water Authority will begin negotiations on a project development agreement with the BHE Kiewit Team to develop Phase 1 of the potential 500 MW San Vicente Energy Storage Facility Project. The proposed project, which could generate enough energy for about […]

San Diego looks for partner to build $1.5B San Vicente hydro energy project

The Water Authority and the city hope to have the energy storage facility operational by 2030. By Rob Nikolewski – Sept. 21, 2021 3:08 PM PT The project is on the drawing board. Now the San Diego County Water Authority and the city of San Diego are looking for a private partner to build and […]