Survey Work Planned Near Reservoir

Environmental and geotechnical experts are preparing to do site surveys in the hills surrounding the San Vicente Reservoir near Lakeside to assess how the proposed Energy Storage Facility might be responsibly developed.

Data collection for geotechnical and environmental studies is expected to include the use of drones to photograph project-related areas. In addition, helicopters will transport equipment to and from remote sites where geotechnical work will be done. Surveys will be conducted on public land far from homes,  but some residents may see drones or helicopters for a few weeks.

Biologists, ecologists, and other environmental specialists will support the assessment of endangered species, native plants and historical resources. They will also recommend methods to minimize impacts and restore any areas that could potentially be disturbed during the project development.

The survey work will take place in early 2023 and will be followed by state and federal regulatory reviews from 2024 to 2026. Survey work will not impact fishing or recreation at San Vicente Reservoir.